Alphabet and Numbers

Children are involved in fun-filled activities to recognize various letters and numbers. Skills like sorting matching and pairing, etc. are learnt by children to build better understanding.


It is a time of bonding and connecting with the whole class. Children learn a lot by interacting with one another. It also helps them develop positive attitude towards themselves, school and peer group.

Puzzle Solving and Building Towers

Children are engaged in intellectual activities like puzzle solving, puzzles to develop memory and observation skills, problem solving, sequencing and seriation. The approach for the same is simple to complex.

Rhymes and Songs

Children learn a lot by actions and are attracted to sounds; therefore, rhymes serve as an active medium for making learning fun. Activities like songs for teaching good habits, using magical words like sorry, thank you, etc., are also very helpful.

Puppet Play

Puppet Play To keep children’s interest alive, puppet play is done by teachers to make them learn about various concepts like good habits, sharing, caring, etc. It also helps develop vocabulary.

Learning concepts

Children at Sugar pie learn concepts like fruits, vegetables, transport, etc., through engaging activities that arouses their interest and maintains their level of curiosity. This is done through an integrated approach where child is able to recognize and learn through a concept.

Dance and Aerobics

Children are involved in free dance, which helps in building their gross motor skills (large muscles like legs/arms). It also infuses in them a sense of rhythm, flexibility and coordination.

Story Telling

It creates interest in children when the character comes live in front of them. Children learn about good social habits, traffic rules, sharing, etc., through stories. It helps in improving their language, and lets them enjoy good time with friends.

Clay Moulding

This activity encourages the imaginative minds while they create objects out of clay. It also helps children to acquire fine motor skills.




Free Play
and Games

Whether it is stacking letter blocks or playing hide and seek, children pick up important skills while playing. Nothing helps in their mental, emotional and physical development more than playing games.

Celebrations and

Celebrating festivals is exciting specially for children. They love getting dressed up in different mythological characters like Krishna, Ram, and Sita etc. Taking part in such celebrations helps them become familiar with our culture and tradition as well.

Drawing, Coloring
and Craft Work

Through this activity, children develop their eye-hand coordination. It also enhances their creativity and pre-writing skills as well as helps the child develop his grasping power by holding crayons.

Picnic and Excursions

Picnic and Excursions Children develop peer group bonding and learn to behave in a socially accepted manner. Learning becomes fun in the social environment.

Pretend play and role play

To further build an understanding about people around us and enhance their self-expression, children are engaged in pretend plays and role-plays.


This activity helps children to develop life-skills like confidence, self-expression, leadership and courage.