Sugar Pie preschool curriculum integrates standard educational practices that help kids to become confident, expressive, active and self-directed. We cover those areas of learning and development which instill valuable life skills and knowledge in kids in the best possible manner. Our curriculum framework makes learning a fun and interactive activity. Our child-centered Montessori methods ensure holistic development of the child- physical, social, cognitive and emotional.

Early Childhood Education- The Foundation of Learning at Sugar Pie

At Sugar Pie, we strongly believe that learning is more joyful and fast when it is shared with friends and peers. That’s the reason why we have created an environment that allows kids to feel free, curious and eager to learn new lessons every day. Our teachers are fully trained to understand the sensitive needs of children and also support them in many sensory experiences of daily life.

At Sugar Pie, your child will learn communication, language and literacy skills, early numerical skills, creative development, knowledge and understanding of the world around us, and develop physical skills and competencies, all required to lay the foundation of a sound future for your kid.

These areas of learning are extremely effective to encourage cognitive development, socioeconomic development, gross motor skills, and sensory development in kids. Children are given complete freedom to play around with different materials that boost their cognitive powers through direct experience, such as hearing, touching, sensing, absorbing, smelling and movement. Our well-prepared atmosphere enables little children to be independent, active and engaging.


Our Key Areas of Learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area covers important aspects of social, personal and emotional development in kids. The activities conducted are quite helpful when it comes to boosting confidence in kids when meeting new people, friends and situations. Through them kids learn to focus, concentrate and face new challenges in their everyday life. Through activities such as circle time, puppet play and storytelling, we strive to encourage a positive attitude among kids towards themselves as well as others.

Communication, Language and Literacy Skills

It includes introducing children to pre-reading, pre-writing, listening and speaking opportunities through a range of engaging activities. Here, we focus on building book handling skills and children’s ability to listen and reflect on stories, sounds, words, and shapes. The setup created by teachers identifies children’s ability to communicate ideas and express their feelings to others.

Early Numerical and Mathematical Skills

Math is a crucial skill children need to excel in various aspects of life. There are plenty of ways through which mathematical skills can be imparted at an early stage. At Sugar Pie, we introduce the child with a range of practical activities to develop their understanding of number recognition, shapes, sizes and positions. By using fun and interactive objects, counting can be taught and problem-solving skills can be encouraged in kids.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World around Us

Teaching kids the world and the nature around us is crucial to help children know about the people, places and the environment in which they live. Here, we provide kids with experiences such as handling natural materials, including clay, sand, water, and plants. By jumping, climbing, holding and pressing things, every child is given the opportunity to build awareness of the nature, local environment and the real world around them. It also creates better social understanding and awareness.

Creative Development

Every child is gifted with some inborn creativity. All we need is to give them encouragement and opportunity to realize their talents and creative abilities. This area focuses on a variety of activities, such as drawing, coloring, art and craft, clay moulding, and anything that fosters artistic learning and development in kids. Children enjoy playing around different materials, textures and putting them together to come up with unique ideas. Creativity also boosts the grasping powers of kids as they learn to hold colours and drawing different shapes.

Physical Development

Children must be encouraged to boost their body strength, flexibility and body coordination. Physical activities such as exercise, yoga and dance are extremely helpful when it comes to enhancing self-esteem, body awareness and confidence in children. Children also demonstrate gross-motor skills as they move, walk, run and jump around. Through this curriculum, every child develops skills and understanding that are crucial for their overall development.